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Heaters for sponge titanium production line equipment

Heaters for sponge titanium production line equipment
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Titanium sponge production line with corridor electric heater series is in the full absorption, the introduction of foreign technology based on localization of products, equipment performance and achieve more than similar foreign standards, is indispensable in titanium sponge production process electric heating equipment, the main varieties: large reduction distillation furnace heater cover, the reduction distillation passage heater, refined distillation kettle heater.

The company has standard series for customers to choose, and according to customer needs to provide updated design, technical advice and other services.

Characteristics of the equipment

The electric heater equipment used in the corridor of sponge titanium production line is characterized by small size, large power, high thermal efficiency, energy saving, long life cycle, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and maintenance, etc.

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