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The advantages of Ni Cr electric heating alloy

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1. Due to the high temperature strength of Ni Cr alloy is higher than that of Fe Cr Al, it is not easy to deform when it is used at high temperature, and there is a large choice of component layout.

2. The Ni Cr alloy will not become brittle after being used for a long time. Therefore, the heating element is reliable and easy to repair after being damaged.

3. The radiation rate of fully oxidized Ni Cr alloy is higher than that of Fe Cr Al alloy. Therefore, when the surface load is the same, the temperature of Ni Cr alloy element is slightly lower than that of Fe Cr Al alloy.

4. Ni Cr alloy is non-magnetic (Cr15Ni60 has weak magnetism at low temperature), which is more suitable for some appliances used at low temperature. Fe Cr Al alloy must be above 600 ℃ to be non-magnetic.

5. Generally, Ni Cr alloy is more anti-corrosion than non oxidized Fe Cr Al alloy (except for sulfur atmosphere and some controllable atmosphere).