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Glass Tempering

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Design, manufacture, overhaul, and transformation, and provide users with advice and services at any time.


1. Glass tempering furnace, wire and belt

The company specializes in the design of special electric furnace wire winding and forming equipment, large-scale processing and forming of various electric furnace wires, which can be processed directly for users according to the drawings, or can be processed by middlemen in batches, especially for the orientation processing of various electric furnace production plants. Designed and produced electric furnace wire resistance value is stable, fast heating, long life, uniform furnace temperature, widely used in kiln, glass, chemical, metallurgical building materials and other industries, and provide technical support; for domestic well-known glass technology (tempering furnace) enterprises perennial Supporting and providing technical support.




2. Second, special porcelain for glass tempering furnace

Specializing in the supply of glass tempering furnace porcelain parts, the products are of good quality, reliable performance, timely and timely service, and are sold all over the country.




3. Third, the special galvanic couple of glass tempering furnace


The company specializes in the production of uncased armored thermocouples for glass tempering furnaces. The components are not heated inside and the performance is stable. It is equipped with a variety of junction boxes and fixed forms.