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Sponge Titanium

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Design, manufacture large, medium and small full set of sponge titanium production equipment, provide technical advice and services.


1. Inverted U-shaped sponge titanium and steaming furnace magnesium refining furnace and other special silk, belt

The company specializes in the design of special electric furnace wire winding and forming equipment, large-scale processing and forming of various electric furnace wires, which can be processed directly for users according to the drawings, or can be processed by middlemen in batches, especially for the orientation processing of various electric furnace production plants. The designed and produced electric furnace wire has stable resistance, fast heating, long service life and uniform furnace temperature. It is widely used in kiln, glass, processing, metallurgical building materials and other industries, and provides technical support.


Sponge Titanium


Nickel, iron chrome aluminum wire series 2T; 5T; 8T; 10T / Nickel, iron chrome aluminum belt series 2T; 5T; 8T; 10T


2. Second, sponge titanium steaming furnace heater (the company's patented products)

Inner heater


Heating material

Heat resistant substrate

Fixed body

Iron chrome aluminum strip

Compressed fiber


Nickel tape




Aisle heater


Heating material


Housing material

Iron chromium lead

Compressed fiber

Carbon steel

Nickel chrome



Iron chrome aluminum


Stainless steel

Nickel network


Stainless steel




GDR-3 sponge titanium also steamer split aisle heater / GDR-4 sponge titanium steamer integral aisle heater Model: NR-3; NR-4


3. Provide special thermocouple for titanium sponge


Luoyang Jinchao New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. It has a number of patented technologies and manufacturing licenses for measuring instruments. It can design and manufacture special thermocouples for titanium sponge.